This is me

I am a little Indian girl who is desperate to become a lot of things. A photographer, a cook, a writer, an artist, a potter and a psychologist are just a few of the obvious aspirations.

I am honest, straightforward and sappy. Don't listen to those who call me mad, eccentric, desultory or flighty - I am obviously none of those, which you will find out if you read on.

Ok. I lied.

I am a big Indian girl.

There! Now I can honestly call myself honest!

This is my family.

They are all kinds of awesome.

This is my brother.

He is super human in every way you can imagine. He can even fly!

This is my live-in boyfriend + ex - fiancee.

Conventional wisdom would indicate that we are married, but I try to resist that title with all my might.

This is us honeymooning in Thailand.

I love honeymooning. I could do it everyday. Twice.

But wait. Before that, we got married.

This is us at the wedding.

I tried to pretend to be a coy bride through the day. It did not work. 

And while you can learn more about the rich spiritual and psychological inner life that I have over at the FAQ section, there is mind bendingly intellectual trivia about me ahead. So read on.

This is the kind of girl I am.

Some things I truly, madly, deeply, firmly believe are

I am totally on the side of nurture in the nature vs. nurture debate about upbringing and personality. That is why I want to tell my parents this.

I love poetry more than any other form of art and one of my favourite poets is Mary Oliver. Another is e.e.cummings. Another is Pablo Neruda. Another is me. I write poetry. I also write haikus.

This is me doing my favourite exercise - yoga.

This is the kind of relationship I have with Thom.

One thing that has changed how I see the world is 'Captain Planet', the TV show. The other thing is the documentary called Earthlings. 


My favourite joke is

I really believe that

This is one of the reasons why. 

This is the bag I carry to 'work' everyday. It thrills and kills! 

I love


This picture stands for travelling, by the way. I would also love to look that skinny and have hair that long, but I've been informed that that's not an option right now.

And more than anything, I love food.

My favourite things to eat are cupcakes with buttercream, chocolate mousse and lemon meringue pies with loads of lemon curd filling, minus the pie crust. I love lemon curd more than life itself. I love Nutella even more. If you give me any of the these, I will do anything you ask me to.

If I could have any skill in the world, I would want to be a painter, and if I was a painter, I reckon I would be a painter like Klimt.

This is my attitude towards food.
Somewhere deep down below, I always know that everything's gonna be alright because there is such a thing as

and because

And my message to the world is thus: I may not be the most inspiring or the most intelligent or the most good lookin'. Many parts on the right side of my body are significantly longer than on the left and I am also balding a bit.


The end.

Note: All images and their sources can be found on my Pinterest board here.


  1. lovely post! concise and entertaining!

  2. Oh how I love this - one of the best 'About Me's' ever!

    Looking forward to getting to know you better as I receive the gifts you share in this space.

    Happy day!

    1. Thank you, sweet girl! :) That is awesome to hear!

  3. Beautiful Blog.Mind Blowing Design. Inspiring Words :D Kudos!!


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